Life @ Agile bridge

We believe in the team’s collective energy
to resolve most software challenges.

Life @ Agile Bridge

At Agile Bridge we believe in the team’s collective energy to resolve most software challenges. Through internal efforts Agile Bridge aims to become an employer of choice within the software solutions marketplace through an open and honest work environment and exciting clients.

The sense of fun created within the company creates a safe environment for all employees to contribute equally, grow through sharing, and maximise their own potential.

We live a global culture, and service clients around the world by utilising business communication technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. We believe in a balance between working remotely and in the office.

As true software creators, we are aiming to be agile and to always have a fresh new perspective on things.


Perks to working here

Flexible working times

We aim to harmonize the commercial interests of the company with the professional, private and family needs of our employees by providing flexible working times and places.

Healthy mind, body and soul

We believe in a healthy body, mind and soul! Healthy snacks are provided to all employees daily. Corporate gym membership with Planet Fitness for those who like to be active.

We love a good cup of coffee!

Quality coffee available to all, any time of the day or have a cold beer with the rest of the team before going home.

Having fun is true to our DNA

We close shop once a month for our legendary hackathon! Fun Fact Thursdays are used to share new technologies or interesting facts with the rest of the team. We have different Think Tanks, specifically created to enhance your craftmanship.

We create a growing mindset

We want to inspire and nurture a growth mindset. We encourage our employees to get themselves certified and be the best they can be by providing a financial contribution towards training and certification. We have regular check-ins to discuss your career path and growth within Agile Bridge.

Our Values

At Agile Bridge we live by a set of values that guide us to be who we say we are. We use our values to create the solid building block when interacting with our clients, other stakeholders and amongst ourselves. Add image with values or different way of showcasing the below image to be discussed.

Get stuff done

Completing tasks, and contributing to the deliverables of the team to ensure we deliver high-quality products

Be the best you can be

Investing time in learning and sharpening your skills. Teaching and sharing your unique skills with the rest of the team

Do the right thing

We build a culture of mutual respect and collaboration, admit to mistakes and learn from them

Servicing the customer

At the forefront of providing service excellence and customer satisfaction

Solve together

We conduct ourselves in such a way that we work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another and contribute to the team spirit

Build a bridge

Progress with what you have and solve a challenge

Add value

To tasks, interactions with colleagues and customer

Have fun

While enjoying the work we do and the people that we are doing it with